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Making Regular Expressions Readable in JavaScript

Making Regular Expressions Readable in JavaScript

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·Nov 23, 2020·

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"My first foray into Open Source development."

Now, this is not the first time I've contributed to open-source software. It is the first time I have submitted my own project to npmjs.

The Project: Reggie Docs

Regular Expressions are complicated to write.

It's even more difficult to reason about them; especially if you have to read someone else's code.

About a year ago, I wrote an article about an experiment I was working with (see it HERE). I've actually used this pattern several times since writing the article and working through the code.

Then, someone said, "this should be an open-source library."

And ... something in my brain clicked.

And ... I started reworking the codebase I had into something more functional.

The Open-Source Project

The project is here: reggie-docs.

This project will allow a developer to use a Template Literal to build a regex, with comments to make it more readable.

const code0001 = `
  /* Matches text avoiding additional spaces
  ^       // Beginning of line
  [\\s]*  // Zero or more whitespace
  (.*?)   // Any characters, zero to unlimited,
          //   lazy (as few times as possible, expanding as needed)
  [\\s]*  // Zero or more whitespace
  $       // End of line

... rather than ...

const code0001regex = /^[\s]*(.*?)[\s]*$/;

Here's a pattern for use of the code0001 above ...

const Reggie = require('reggie-docs');
const reggie = new Reggie();

let results = {};

const patternCheck0001 = '  Test Spaces Before and After   ';

results.code0001 = reggie.create(code0001);
const code0001Exp = reggie.generate(code0001);
results.code0001Test = code0001Exp.exec(patternCheck0001)[1];


The whole concept of this project is to make Regular Expressions easier to understand and reason about. In doing this, the process should be simple and easy to work with.

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