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Successful Blogging ...

Successful Blogging ...

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·Nov 13, 2020·

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What does Successful Blogging mean to me?

This is the second research topic I have been given the Hashnode Bootcamp II, by Dr. Michaela Greiler.

My Articles

The blogging that I do is technical. In fact, most of the articles that I write are based on the technology I use on a daily basis. Many of the articles are small, detailing some issue(s) that I come across and the resolution.

A perfect example of this is an article I wrote earlier this week about my experiences learning to use dual-HDMI with a MacBook Pro.

HERE is the article.

Why Do I Write

I write as a professional to:

  1. Lock in the information for myself.
  2. To get the information out to someone that might need assistance.
  3. Show my professional-side.

I work as a developer for an organization (Leading EDJE) that provides "creative technology solutions for complex business problems." One of the Core Values of our company is to be "Authentic and Clear," to me at one level means that I need to put my professional-self out there.

For me, these articles show my professional side, where I've come from, and where I am going.

Who Reads My Articles

Throughout my career, I've provided resumes, interviewed, and even taken various tests to show my experience and skill. Today, there are more tools available (such as LinkedIn) for a professional to showcase their career. In a recent technical interview, I actually had to take a test.

Resumes and tests show very little about who I am and the dedication and experience I bring to a client. What I have realized is that if I want someone to know more about who I truly am, I have to put myself out there with more than just a resume.

Hence, blogging: This is what I see coming from the blogging that I do.

The people that read my articles on a day-to-day basis see me. I generally don't do more than post the article on Twitter (and possibly LinkedIn) as I am not truly looking to build a massive following. I am looking to reach the "right" people.

The hope is that clients looking to bring someone like myself onboard will see these articles and learn a little bit about who I am and what I bring to their team.

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